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Antique Engraved Floral Locket



This necklace features an antique locket on a lacy, handwoven chain made of rose gold and sterling silver filled jump rings.  The locket is attached to a vintage pocket watch clip, so the necklace can be worn with other pendants or charms.  There are initials inscribed in decorative cursive script on the reverse side of the locket.


  • Necklace is 31" in length and can be shortened on request
  • Rose gold-filled toggle closure
  • Rose gold and oxidized sterling filled jump rings
  • Locket is 35mm

Origin Story

Lockets gained popularity during the Victorian era after Queen Victoria wore a mourning locket with a photo inside of her beloved husband Albert every day, setting a fashion trend. Prior to his passing, her husband had gifted her with a charm bracelet with eight lockets, each containing a lock of hair from each of their children.