Antique Floral Locket with Paperclip Chain

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This necklace features two different vintage, vermeil paperclip chains with a lovely repousee floral rolled gold locket, circa 1910, marked S & B CO.  It is monogrammed Nelle in a beautiful flowery script on the reverse side. Measuring approximately one inch across, the locket is in very good antique condition and still has the plastic photo cover on one side. Both rings are in place. The chains are marked 925 and were made in Italy.

Details and Materials

  • 22" in length, but can be worn shorter
  • locket is 25 mm
  • locket is attached to a vintage watch chain clip, so can be removed and replaced with another pendant
  • sterling silver and gold plated chain
  • gold-filled lobster clasp

Origin Story

This locket was made by S. & B. Lederer Co., which was established in Providence, Rhode Island in 1878, later moving to New York City.  S & B Lederer Company remained on company listings until 1931.

Lockets gained popularity during the Victorian era after Queen Victoria wore a mourning locket with a photo inside of her beloved husband Albert every day, setting a fashion trend. Prior to his passing, her husband had gifted her with a charm bracelet with eight lockets, each containing a lock of hair from each of their children.