Antique Locket with Vintage Watch Chain

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This necklace features an antique locket hallmarked W&H Co., which advertised their lockets as "an indication of refinement and good taste."  This locket dangles from an antique pocket watch shepherd's hook off a vintage rosy gold filled curb chain (also likely used to connect to a pocket watch).  The length of the chain was extended just a bit for easier wear by the addition of another vintage watch chain connector.  The design is an unusual, etched wave motif with paste stones, some of which are darkened due to age.

The locket is in very good antique condition, still has the plastic photo cover and ring on one side, and opens/shuts securely.   The backside of the locket is plan, with no engraving.

Details and Materials

  • 18" in length
  • locket is 30 mm
  • locket is attached to a vintage shepherd's hook, so can be removed and replaced with another pendant
  • gold plated chain
  • antique gold-filled watch clips

Origin Story

(W & H CO.) was established in 1856 and operated in . Providence, Rhode Island, they manufactured a variety of gold-filled, rolled gold, and sterling silver jewelry. Each piece was hallmarked with their signature stamp: a heart containing the initials "W&H CO" inside. They were especially known for their lockets, medallions, and seals, and continued production up through the early Art Deco era (ca1922).

Lockets gained popularity during the Victorian era after Queen Victoria wore a mourning locket with a photo inside of her beloved husband Albert every day, setting a fashion trend. Prior to his passing, her husband had gifted her with a charm bracelet with eight lockets, each containing a lock of hair from each of their children.