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Antique Swallow Locket



This necklace features an antique, square diamond-shaped locket engraved with a jewel encrusted image of a swallow in flight.  The eye of the swallow is a red paste stone and the body has several tiny clear paste and turquoise stones. The locket drops from a chain assembled from two different antique, gold-filled watch chains. It clasps in the front with a large antique spring ring connected to an watch clip, allowing you to add other charms if desired or to switch out the locket.

The locket is in good working condition and shuts securely.

Details and Materials

  • necklace is 20" in length
  • locket is 20 x 20 mm
  • antique gold-filled watch chains, spring ring and watch clips

Origin Story

Swallow birds were frequently used in antique jewelry designs, particularly during the Victorian era.  Legends say swallows led ships home as they neared land and helped guide their way home.  Swallows are also associated with faithfulness, as they mate for life.