Athena Necklace

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This necklace features a vintage watch fob coin with an image of the Greek goddess Athena.  The fob dangles from an antique watch chain and connects in the front with two antique watch clips.  Vintage faceted atlas glass beads, c. 1940, provide a subtle touch of bling.  The necklace can be worn with the clip attached to one of the larger jump rings, or to each other.

Details and Materials

  • Necklace is 18 - 18 1/2", depending on how it is clasped
  • Antique gold-filled watch clips
  • Vintage watch fob
  • Antique gold-filled curb chain
  • Vintage satin glass beads

Origin Story

Athena is the Greek goddess of war, wisdom and "handicraft." The vintage coin fob features an image of Athena based on the lost Athena Parthenos sculpture, which depicted her post-battle and of course victorious. The sculpture was said to show Athena wearing a helmet with a Sphinx in the middle and two griffins on each side. The fob coin shows a griffin in profile sitting atop her helmet. Griffins are mythological creatures with the lower body of a lion and the upper body and head of an eagle; they were frequently used to embellish Victorian jewelry as a symbol of bravery and vigilance.

While the original sculpture of Athena is long gone, you can visit an impressive replica in the United States at the reproduction of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee (we've visited this before, highly recommend!).