Black and Gold Chainmaille Bracelet with Antique Fob

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This bracelet features sterling silver and gold-filled handwoven chainmaille with an antique watch fob charm.

Details and Materials

  • Fits wrist sizes 6" - 8" (if your wrist is 6", let me know on the order and I'll remove some links)
  • Oxidized sterling silver and gold-filled jump rings
  • oxidized sterling silver lobster clasp
  • antique gold-filled watch fob

Origin Story

Developed around the 1770's alongside the invention of pocket watches, fobs were worn by both men and women, attached at the waist or to a belt. Their popularity continued throughout the 19th century but gradually became more associated with male attire. Some watch chains held multiple decorative fobs where they dangled similarly to a ladies charm bracelet when draped on a vest.