Rock Crystal and Chrysoprase Earrings

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These one-of-a-kind earrings feature vintage, 14 x 10 mm rock crystal links with long, teardrop shaped 30 mm chrysoprase stones.    

Details and Materials

  • 2” long
  • vintage rock crystal links
  • chrysoprase stones
  • 14K gold-filled ear wires and jump rings

Origin Story

Chrysoprase is a beautiful, apple green colored gemstone variety of chalcedony. It's color is due to the presence of nickel in the mineral. Chrysoprase is listed as a birthstones for both a May and June. The word chrysoprase comes from the Greek “chrys,” meaning 'gold or yellow' and “prase,” meaning 'green'.

Rock crystal is clear colorless quartz, and was widely used during the Art Deco period, a time when simple geometric shapes and stones were incorporated into jewelry designs.