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Vintage Silver Shells Necklace with Chrysoprase



This necklace features and assorted of vintage silver sea shells and chrysoprase drops, dangling from a chain assembled from links of vintage silver plated watch chains.

Details and Materials

  • 21" in length, can be shortened to about 18"
  • vintage silver plated watch chain
  • sterling spring clasp and jump rings
  • vintage silver and silver plated charms
  • sterling silver bezel-set chrysoprase drops

Origin Story

Chrysoprase is a beautiful, apple green colored gemstone variety of chalcedony. It's color is due to the presence of nickel in the mineral. Chrysoprase is listed as a birthstones for both a May and June. The word chrysoprase comes from the Greek “chrys,” meaning 'gold or yellow' and “prase,” meaning 'green'.